Taboga Island Panama

Taboga Island is also known as the Island of Flowers due to its beautiful flora and fauna which grows throughout the town. The island is called home to approximately 800 residents and is one of the most popular beach destinations in Panama for residents and tourists alike. Isla Taboga is only 30 minutes away from Panama City aboard a catamaran. Equipped with a beverage service, 2 bathrooms, and the best customer service on the sea, Taboga Express is the most popular and comfortable way to get to the island and boasts 4 and 5 round trips to the island daily.
Isla Taboga has a very colorful history due to the passage of many cultures during its earlier years, which includes the influence of Spaniards, French, British and Americans. On of the most popular beach areas is known as Playa Restringa, a short walk from the dock of the town.
During low tide is is possible to walk across the sand spit that links the Island to el Morro, where you can see the vestiges of an old shipyard. Isla Taboga is known for its pirate history, and this shipyard used to service the galleon ships. Still present is the old waterwheel that used to power the shipyard equipment.

Above the village stands a mountain known as cerro El Vigia, which offers amazing 360-degree views of the mainland and the island communities plus the entrance to the Panama Canal. Another smaller mountaintop know as Cerro de la Cruz is a short hike, where you will encounter a large cross that also offers spectacular views. Also on the island is ruins of a Spanish Convent, the house of Francisco Pizarro (conquerer of Peru), and the Church of San Pedro, which is considered the second oldest church in Latin America.

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