Journey to the San Blas Islands … back then and nowadays

If arriving at San Blas today has become little more than a simple car ride made partly by ups and downs (an expert guide is always recommended and exclusively with 4×4 cars), it was certainly not like that until the beginning of the 2000s, when the Government of Panama finished the construction of today’s route to the San Blas Islands, a completely paved road that allows you to arrive at the port once you enter Chepo in just 1 hour. Junior tells us about it, our coordinator of overland and expert transport on this route where he has been traveling every day for over 30 years: going to San Blas today, for me and my colleagues who traveled on this route in those years is practically like a walk, he tells us with a laugh as he reminds us and tells how difficult and hard it was to arrive at the port of San Blas in those years, much more than an adventure, practically a real undertaking, certainly was not a tour for everyone like instead it has become today thanks to the new road. It took only 5/6 hours to get from the city of Panama to the port of San Blas, then from there via direct to the islands in small wooden boats that were built by the Guna, also here it was a little hussle because the boats were very small with little space and no roof at all to cover yourself from the sun or rain, today these boats are used only by the Guna people for their small transfers and for fishing, today they are available new boats made with resin and much more comfortable, spacious and complete with roof to cover yourself from the strong sun or rain.

Also the accommodations on the San Blas Islands were very very rustic, also for this reason it was not a trip for any tourist but only for a few adventurers.
When you think of the San Blas the first things that come to mind are sun, sea and pure relaxation and when you’re lucky enough to set foot in it … It’s really like that!
It is a true paradise on earth, a diverse number of islands scattered in the blue Caribbean Sea of ​​Panama that give life to the Guna Yala Archipelago, one of the most beautiful seas on the planet.
Today these paradisiacal islands with one of the most beautiful season the planet are easy to visit, San Blas Dreams provides trips departing from Panama City 365 days a year, leave stress, anxieties, fears and all the negative vibrations you have accumulated at home during the year and dive into this incredible sea.

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