Guna Yala • San Blas Islands Panama

Also known as the San Blas Islands, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Panama. Famous for its amazing white sand beaches, its clear waters, art and the magnificence of the Guna culture. It is composed of 365 small islands near the Darien coast.
The area was formally known as San Blas, along with the indigenous name of Kuna Yala. In 2011, Panama recognized the wishes of its people and changed it to Guna Yala, since their native tongue the is no phoneme for the letter “K”. Guna Yala means “Guna Land” or “Guna Mountain”.
These majestic islands are characterized by their beautiful white sand beaches, clear blue-green waters, amazing reefs and aquatic life which include dolphins that seem to greet visitors. It is no wonder that tourists from around the globe flock to these islands, especially during the dry season which spans from December to April. Most of the islands are very small and those that are inhabited are made up of mostly rustic huts.
The Guna women’s main pastime is the making of molas, which constitute the main source of income for many families on the island. They are a matriarchal society with a socialist system, where women stay at home sewing and men take care of the coconut plantations along the coast. Some islands are greater in size. As society they are resourceful and independent, operating many of their own island tours and “cabañas”. Even though they do not provide all the comforts of the western world, the fish and seafood are some of the freshest most will every try. Traveling between the islands is very easy, our tours to the San Blas Islands are available every day, you can see them on this page.
​These islands are truly unique and the perfect place to relax in a hammock between two palms.

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