A Day with an Emberá Querá Community

Just a few minutes away from Panama City, and only reachable by “pirogue” (a motor canoe), is the Community of Emberá Querá, located at the mouth of the Gatún River. This indigenous group is native to the Darién, and have come from Chocó, Colombia. The live at the edge of the river in little communities of thatch-roofed palafittes named tambos, which counteract humidity and are made to avoid floods. Men dedicate themselves to manufacturing the famous pirogues, which are canoes made by shaping logs and used to navigate, even during the dry season. Women make splendid baskets, plates, and masks out of vegetal fiber and delicate knitting. They wear collars known as chaquiras that are made out of old silver coins. All of the members of the community use genipa juice to paint their bodies with geometric designs; apparently, that works very well as repellent and has healing properties. The Emberá are also opened to receiving tourist and telling them about the history of the tribe, its cultural wealth, and its traditions.
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