November: The Month of Panama

Panama’s history is closely linked to its geographical position. However, the country has a complex and fascinating history that began long before there was the Canal, or even before France or the United States began the works for its construction.

For those who want to know the history of Panama, during this November there are several Important dates. November 3 marks the separation from Colombia known as the Separation Day, on the 4th is the Flag Day, followed by the Colon Day on the 5th of November. Subsequently, on the 10th is remembered as the Shout for Independence in Los Santos, and the 28th of November Panama celebrates its Independence from Spain. Chronologically, the Independence from Spain was many years before the Separation from Colombia, taking place in 1821, while the separation occurred in 1903.

During these celebrations it is possible to enjoy the typical parades that are organized throughout the country and seeing how the population proudly waves the most precious national symbol, their Flag.

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