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San Blas Tours

Enjoy the wonderful beaches of this arcipelago paradise

Discover the breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture of the San Blas Islands (Guna Yala), a stunning archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea of Panamá. With over 365 exquisite islands boasting luminous aquamarine waters and pristine white shores, this tropical paradise offers a unique blend of postcard-worthy scenery and immersive cultural experiences.

Explore our diverse array of island destinations, including Chichime, Ina, Diablo, Yanis, Aroma, Pelicano, and more. Embark on unforgettable adventures with our exclusive tours such as Day Tour San Blas, Cayos Holandeses excursion, Dog Island Shipwreck exploration, Fragata Island discovery, and the exciting San Blas Island Hopping tour. Experience the magic of the San Blas Islands with us!

Panama Travel

Culture, history, sea and nature

Discover all the Panama paradises: City Tour & Panama Canal, Bolaños Island, Embera Community, Monkey Island & Gatun Lake, Sloth Sanctuary, Pipeline Road, Zipline in the Panama Jungle, Santa Catalina, Coiba National Park, Boquete & much more.

Explore Tours from Panama City, Santa Catalina and Boquete.
You will see everything you wanted, you will discover everything you did not expect​!

Multi-day Tours

The perfect mix of culture and adventure for nature lovers

Our multi-day tours include everything from airport transfers, hotels in Panama City (4 or 5 star), tours, personalized assistance throughout your stay in Panama and much more.

They can be private or group with a fixed or personalized departure date.
Have a glance at our suggested itineraries, grouped by main tour packages: Silver & Gold. Contact us to customize a multi day tour of Panama for you!

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Dear Guest, before booking you should know that it our San Blas Tours are adventure tours and needs adaptability, from the departure in Panama City. They are not suitable for all kinds of people. CLICK HERE and read everything you need to know. We prefer a client who is informed and aware of his/her choice to a client with wrong expectations.