Have you ever wonder how an Eco Resort works?

An Eco Resort is an environmentally sustainable hotel that has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment by following practices of green living. Some of these practices include renewable energy sources, recycling services, eco-friendly toiletries, energy efficient lighting, locally sourced food, water conservation methods, and various other sustainability focused initiatives considered good practices.

Building and running a resort requires a significant amount of power and solar energy is one of the best options. Recent studies show that in an hour the sun radiates enough energy that can cover the entire human race energy consumption for a year, that’s why solar photovoltaic panels are undoubtedly an excellent innovation. In addition, water is vital for human beings and among the different water conservation methods the aerobic treatment system is currently used worldwide.

The word “eco-resort” means a friendly environment development of the area and green initiatives should be implemented at every stage of the building and management process as well. This includes selecting an appropriate building site, using sustainable building materials, implementing green energy sources and applying a natural design style to take advantage of the characteristics of the location.

Also, the best Eco Resorts also work to ensure positive relationships with the local people. By training and employing locals, as well as taking part in community development initiatives while offering activities that help visitors conserve and appreciate local customs and contribute to the local economy.

An excellent example of Eco-Resort is our structure in Bolaños Island.

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